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A little bit about us...

We at Fryersmate have over fifty years experience between us in the fast food and restaurant trade. The company ‘Fryersmate' was formed to develop new ideas and to give the caterer more choice of utensils. The majority of our products are manufactured by us, mainly out of high grade stainless steel to our unique and practical designs.

As there is a gap in the market of choice and products for the fish fryer, our initial range is focused towards the fish and chiptrade. New products include the nylon handle lifters which are more comfortable to use, the 100 mesh skimmer which will clean the oil much better than a 50 mesh, and the stainless steel chip bucket which has a unique base designed to stay one inch off the floor and for easy tipping

The last change to the utensils used by fish fryers was the ‘tube handle' sometime in the early 90s! So we felt it was time to have another change, hence the nylon handle. There are more products being designed and tested which will be manufactured and available soon.

If you have problems with the utensils you are using, or they are not as practical as they can be, let us know and we will try to solve it, or design it!!