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Hints & Tips....


• Always wash new utensils before using

• Do not use your lifters like a sledgehammer

• When taking food out of the pan, just tap the excess oil/fat off

• Don’t bash the lifer. This will prolong the lifters life

• Do not leave the lifters standing in the fat. This will not do the lifters any good.


For best results on cleaning the oil in a flat bottom pan with a skimmer

• Gently spin the oil in one direction (not with the skimmer!!)

• Let the oil come to a STOP

• Then with the skimmer, gently slide through the oil lifting all the small carbon particles from the bottom of the pan. This is where ‘fryersmate’s’ 100 mesh skimmer comes into its own!!

• Do not wash your skimmer at the end of each day. Reduce it to once a week, and do not use a scouring pad. This will prolong its life


Avoid turning chipper off, with potatoes still in the machine. When the chipper is switched on again, it will cause excess strain on the motor and the life of the belt will be reduced.


Try to top your pans up every day. At the end of your frying day the oil level should be as low as you can take it (safe low level), then only top up the amount you know you will use the following day. This will prevent the oil/fat going black and frothing. 'for more information on frying please visit Neoda'

Our Bodies

Hints and tips on how to prolong our utensils, cook better food, etc,… is all good and well, but what about use!! In our work force at Fryersmate, we have a British Weightlifting Champion, now into his Yoga. Also, a Martial Arts Instructor who runs the ‘Academy of Tae Kwon Do’ in Lincoln. These tips are from them


Stood over the pan or serving all day, you will find that we are bent over. So when standing or walking try to stand straight by having your head held high, shoulders back and chest out