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Skimmer, 100 mesh wire handle


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100 Mesh Skimmer, wire handle.

Temporarily out of stock. 100 mesh TUBE handle still available ..... https://www.fryersmate.com/home/328-100-mesh-skimmer-tube-handle.html?search_query=New+Skimmer%2C+thicker+100+mesh&results=45

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100 Mesh Skimmer, wire handle. The finest skimmer on the market.

The head is 8 x 8 inch (20 x 20 cm aprox)

The handle is 18inch (aprox 46 cm) long

Total length is 26 inch (66 cm aprox)

Used to help keep cooking media clear of food/batter particles.

Try this in a flat bottom pan, when there is no food in the pan..... spin the oil/fat in one direction, gently. Wait for it to come to a stop. Then gently push the skimmer through the pan, scrapping the bottom, center, lifting the burnt particles from the bottom of the pan. This is where the 100 mesh comes into its own!!